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Agricultural Omics Standard Database supply the integrated agricultural omics information for the researchers.
It is integrated with public database, Korean organization’s data, and public data of Agricultural Omics Submission system.

Agricultural omics submission system image


It consists of 10 categories, You can search the keywords and blasting the sequences.

Category Description Schema
NGS SRA NGS Sequence Read Archive.
Various NGS experiment raw data and meta information.
Genome Genome project finished full length genomic sequence
and it’s annotation.
Nucleotide Not finished genomic DNA.
Gene Gene and it’s feature information.
DNA chip The result of DNA chip experiment.
It contains platform, sample, and hybridization information.
EST EST sequence information. dbEST
Interactome Protein-protein interaction information. HUPO PSI-MI
Protein structure Protein structure information. PDB
Molecular marker Molecular marker (STS) information. BioSQL
SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism information.
Metabolome Metabolome information.

Special features

It has various features for the research of agricultural omics information.
1. Public database data (from NCBI, etc…) is periodically updated.
2. Agricultural omics submission systems’s public data is automatically imported in this database.
3. Each data record supply the permanent URL link. You can use it using by RESTful interface.
4. It supply the search API.